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Più di 80 anni di storia nel campo della cosmesi

Fatai-Nyl srl was founded in 1936 under the Peggy Jeremy beauty products brand name and has been working as an outsourcing production partner since 1961. First customers included a number of leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, but also smaller companies marketing high quality products.
Today, Fatai-Nyl develops and manufactures cosmetic products and class I, IIA, IIB medical aids, in all chemical-physical forms: solid to fluid emulsions, gels, toothpastes, shampoos, bath foams and other surface-active detergents, solutions, oleolites, pastes.

We strive to meet our customers needs by continuously seeking quality improvement, by building on expertise acquired through many years of research and development work, yet through a modern business management approach, optimal organisation of resources, always committing to the application of the Quality Management System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 regulations. Our primary objective is to provide products and services having a level of quality that meets customer expectations.

Such reasons have led the company to identify and pursue a number of objectives:

  • improve customer satisfaction by supplying services whose features fully comply to regulations and law in force, managing customer complaints while aiming at reducing such complaints;
  • keep and strengthen relationships with existing Customers;
  • avoid waste and reduce inefficiency, improve internal organisation and methods in use to further develop all processes;
  • train staff over work processes to improve individual competencies, and in particular over quality, with the aim to increase staff involvement and build professional skills while always keeping the company’s mission in mind.


In 1997 Fatai-Nyl srl has been granted the Reliability Award by RTC-Unipro, a business certification programme which ackowledges highest quality standards of companies involved with the production, packaging and research & development of cosmetic products. The programme is promoted and rigourously managed by UNIPRO (the Italian national association for the cosmetic industry).

"More than 80 years of history in the field of cosmetics"