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Qualified staff of our cosmetic R&D laboratory researches, formulates and tests the various chemical-physical forms for reatment, detergence and make-up cosmetics, as well as formulations for OTC pharmaceutical products (class 1 and 2 medical aids, Medical-Surgical Aids).

Each formulation is developed starting from extensive bibliographic and technical documentation search and analysis, then goes thorough testing before devising the final formula.

Each formulation is checked from a psychorheological and rheological point of view, and undergoes long-term stability testing.

Special care is taken for microbiological testing and the development of the optimal preservative system.
Upon customer’s request, all products developed by our laboratory can be provided with toxicological certification: human tolerability tests (primary skin irritation, skin tolerability assessed under controlled use), and clinical testing certification providing evidence of the effectiveness of cosmetic properties stated on the product label (anti-cellulite activity, moisturisation, wrinkle prevention and reduction, etc.), such testing being performed by qualified and certified private or university-based Dermatology and Skin Physiology Institutes.

The research and development laboratory autonomously and independently carries out the evaluation of exposure to ingredients, the “potential toxicity evaluation of the cosmetic product” with the aim to fully conform with the latest EEC regulations stated by Directive 76/768 (Law Decree 126 of 24/04/1997), better known in the cosmetic sector as VI EEC Directive or “Cosmetic dossier in the EU”.”

Prepartion of technical-scientific dossiers

  • Drawing up of technical-scientific dossiers, also for advertising purposes
  • Updating of and changes to labelling of existing formulations to comply to EEC regulations in force and to regulations of other countries ( U.S.A. Japan, etc.)
  • Preparation of articles for cosmetic sector journals
  • devising of processes and choice of equipment and plants

Engineering and industrial scaling-up

  • Analysis for devising formulations on an industrial scale
  • Optimisation of production processes and choice of equipment to organise production, packaging and research and development in a rational, cost-effective and effective way

Search, verification and evaluation of any raw materials available on site
We evaluate the possibility to use raw materials available on site both for local production use and for any exportation purposes for other uses. Such evaluation is carried out after performing qualitative, toxicological and quantitative assessments that are specific for the use foreseen.

Production of full-service customised product lines
Our cutting-edge graphics equipment can make and print labels on paper or white and/or transparent polyester, which enables us to make highly professional, customised product lines, without the usual “new product line” problems related, for instance, to the creation of printing masters. This service is specifically intended for niche sectors of the market, such as store chains or single stores that want to propose a product, or companies that wish to test or propose a product, or again companies that wish to test a product or product line on sample points of sale before entering the market with a full industrial production.

How we operate

  • we meet the customer and analyse his needs
  • we draw up a proposal describing methods, modes and costs
  • the customer entrusts us with the job
  • we carry out the operational steps agreed upon

"Professional advice to guarantee the finished product"