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Production, filling, packaging departments, warehouses and graphics laboratory.

Cosmetic products and class I, IIA, IIB medical aids in all chemical-physical forms: emulsions of different consistency (solid to fluid), gels, toothpastes, shampoos, bath foams and other surface-active detergents, solutions, oleolites, pastes..

Our production plants allow to meet a wide range of operational and quantitative needs: from semi-scale and pilot production to several tonnes production.

  • Department for the production of treatment products and class 1 medical aids
  • Department for the production of face and body detergence products
  • Department for the production of make-up products (powders, sticks – except for red lipsticks, glosses etc.)
  • Production plants allow to meet a wide range of operational and quantitative needs: from semi-scale and pilot production to several tonnes production

Production plants are equipped with:

  • Vacuum Turboemulsifiers with different capacity: 2, 40, 150, 250, 300, 350, 450
  • Blenders for gels, lotions, oleolites and detergents having 800, 1000, 3300, 4000 litre capacity
  • Planetary blenders for pastes with 250 litre capacity
  • Blenders for powders with 50 litre capacity

Outsourcing service for the packaging of cosmetic products and medical aids
Bottles of any size and capacity, jars, cylinders, polyethene tubes, Eltex or Coex, aluminum tubes, cases, containers for powders, and for sticks. Window, counter and shop displays with the possibility of labelling, thermal retraction, packaging. We have our own filling and packaging lines, which are highly versatile and reliable, and which allow us to offer services at very competitive prices, regardless of the size of the job we are entrusted with.

Each lot made comes with the following documentation:

  • Microbiological analysis certificate: the analysis is performed on a number of samples taken from the beginning, in the centre and the end of the lot
  • Dose uniformity control document providing control data on th filling plant dose uniformity
  • Summary sheet showing results of quality control performed on finished product run according to preset sampling programmes and strictly according to “Military Standard”, “aql 0,75” regulations (reduced plan sampling)

Filling and packaging departments

  • Treatment, personal care and medical aids products filling and packaging department
  • 4 automatic lines for filling and labelling jars and bottles, 5 ml to 1000 ml capacity
  • 1 automatic line for filling and labelling stick products
  • 1 automatic line for filling and sealing toothpaste dispensers
  • 4 automatic lines for filling polythene tubes (Eltexo, Coex) from 13 mm to 60 mm diameter
  • 1 automatic line for filling aluminium tubes, from 13 mm to 40 mm diameter
  • 1 automatic packaging line for single packagings
  • 3 thermal retraction tunnels both for single and multiple packagings
  • 1 Top-Down slim bottle filling line
  • 3 thermal retraction lines, of which one is automatic
  • 1 filing line for small-sized bottles (1 to 50 ml)

Graphical laboratory for developing brand and label design to be printed directly on white or transparent, glossy or matté, or coloured polyester. This service is suitable for creating small full-service customised lines or for small productions. It is a service that offers highest quality customised graphics, also in the case of very small productions, such as a few units for production for product appreciation tests purposes.


  • The packaging materials and ready-for-delivery finished products warehouse is divided into two separate areas covering a total of 700 sq.m., equal to 1,200 80x120 europallet storage capacity
  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Semi-finished products warehouse
  • Production and filling lines warehouse for particular uses

"Expertise and control to guarantee quality"