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Research and development laboratory, consultancy on technical and formulation issues, product analysis.

The R&D Center is equipped with:

  • Pilot scale emulsifiers
  • Silverson emulsifiers for systematic testing and raw material testing/li>
  • Pilot scale mixer for mixing powders
  • Pilot scale equipment for making compact powders
  • Centrifuges
  • Stoves for accelerated product ageing tests
  • Stove and refrigerator for stability testing
  • Optical microscope for checking semifinished products
  • Jascoper FTIR Infrared Spectrometer to analyse incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products and for their certification, connected to automatic detection and validation software for all incoming components (Jasco Knowitall)
  • Jascoper UV-VISIBLE Spectrophotometer for colour analysis, raw material identification, assessment of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in sun products
  • Jasco High Performance Liquid Chromatography having a double pumping system allowing identification under isocratic conditions and in binary gradient, coupled with a variable frequency Jasco8900 UV detector
  • Gas chromatograph fitted with capillary column for the analysis of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products and for their certification (analysis and certification of perfumed formulations)
  • All analytical equipment is connected to higly sophisticated recognition, identification and analysis software systems
  • Minolta Chromameter210 and Minolta Chromameter310 colorimeter systmes, for absolute analysis and colour certification

This equipment records the values of parameters forming colours of the product/object analysed (Colour Luminosity and Saturation) and processes such data into numerical values and thereby provides the absolute Energy global value associated with the colour (the comparison between such value with the reference master colour provides >b>QC with the shift value to evaluate colour matching and therefore proceed to product lot approval or discarding.
Such technique allows us to achieve an impartial, objective and reproducible evaluation for the development of the colour of any product/object for which we wish to learn the colour (an indespensable tool for quality control of both l° and ll° packaging components and for colour reproducibility of products made).

Integrated information system for the management of the chemical-cosmetic laboratory (consisting of three subsystems and a number of databases).

The subsystems are:

  • management of research and development laboratory
  • management and control of production
  • management of quality control

Databases include:

  • 11th edition of the CTFA, paper and electronic versions
  • centralised information database of raw materials and mixtures data and exposure level information
  • centralised information database of italian and foreign raw materials and mixtures manufacturers and distributors
  • safety data sheets centralised information database
  • graphical centralised information database of structure formulations
  • Italian Law 713 and subsequent amendments documentation
  • law on the production of Medical Aids of class I, IIA, IIB documentation
  • European law on CE and subsequent amendments documentation
  • FDA-USA laws documentation
  • JSCI-Japan laws documentation

The Quality Control department features:

  • cutting-edge scientific tools and equipment
  • highly qualified staff
  • specific control procedures
  • viscosimeters and pHmeters, Colorimeters, IR Spectrometer, UV/VIS Spectrometers, high performance liquid chromatography, Gaschromatograph
  • cutting-edge software and hardware

"Production stems from our cutting-edge R&D laboratory"